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Bull-It SR6 Carbon  Laser 4 Ladies Jeans Sz 14/34" **25% off rrp**
Bull-It SR6 Carbon  Laser 4 Ladies Jeans Sz 14/34" **25% off rrp**

Bull-It SR6 Carbon Laser 4 Ladies Jeans Sz 14/34" **25% off rrp**

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Bull-it Laser 4 Ladies Carbon Jeans - Black

  • Casual look 12oz denim outer construction
  • Total of five pockets
  • Water resistant coating
  • Pockets for optional knee and hip protectors (not included)
  • Unique construction for superior strength
  • Zero moisture retention
  • Does not degrade like Aramid fibres
  • Tested 2-3 times greater using EN 13595-1 for abrasions resistance
  • Low thermal conductivity to prevent heat transfer
  • Cut strength exceeds EN 13595
  • Cut strength outperforms aramid fibres 3 times over
  • Material tested using Martindale method up to 100k rubs, compared to 60k rubs for aramid fibres

Covec Laser4 is a liner inside Bull-it jeans, Laser4 is also the name of the range. The Laser4 is a laminated unique construction offering superior strength to similar weight aramids. Covec material has zero moisture retention and does not absorb moisture, as such does not degrade like high performance Aramids of a similar construction and weight.

The Laser4 is tested 2 to 3 times greater for abrasion resistance using EN 13595-1 than other Aramids of a similar weight and construction. The Covec Laser4 jeans have a low thermal conductivity which prevents heat transfer, yarns such as Dyneema have high strength but the high thermal conductivity is likely to encourage skin burns from road friction, as is the case with Polyester and Nylon based materials.

In comparison to many materials used in motorcycle jeans, Covec Laser4 has all the attributes required including high cut strength exceeding EN 13595 testing during development. Other materials that class themselves as high-abrasion resistant have limited other qualities and would by comparison have considerably lower cut resistance.