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100% Armega Dual Vented Ultra HD Goggle Replacement Lens

100% Armega Dual Vented Ultra HD Goggle Replacement Lens

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    100% Armega Replacement Lens Dual Pane Vented Smoke

    Replacement lenses for 100% Armega Goggles.
  • Our signature 100% Ultra HD lenses are the result of decades of passion, design, craftsmanship and research. Through extensive development and testing, we’ve engineered category defining technology, bringing unmatched optical clarity to motocross. As the lens of choice for the worlds best racers, Ultra HD integrates with a shatterproof and impact resistant polycarbonate material molded specifically for zero optical distortion. The result is a lens that’s engineered to maximize protection while maintaining the clearest, most accurate vision on the track. Ultra HD is the next revolution in motocross vision technology.
  • The 100% HiPER lens was produced to alleviate the distortion of the three primary colors - red, green, and blue. Human vision begins to distort where these three colors overlap. The HiPer Lens proprietary filters out these crossovers, resulting in greater contrast and even more vibrant colors. By ramping up contrast, riders experience depth-defining vision with unmatched perception to feel every detail of terrain before commanding past it.
  • Dual-pane lenses prevents fog build up in all weather conditions.