2016 Yamaha Tricity 155
2016 Yamaha Tricity 155
2016 Yamaha Tricity 155

2016 Yamaha Tricity 155

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Yamaha's new Tricity 155 Leaning Multi wheel scooter.

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On road costs apply

Can be registered as a "Car" so no need for a separate Motorcycle licence.

Featuring twin front wheels that automatically lean when cornering, the new Tricity delivers scooter-like agility combined with enhanced confidence and an increased feeling of stability. With a strong focus on riding enjoyment, ease of use and affordability, Yamaha's Tricity is equipped to transform the daily lives of urban commuters throughout New Zealand.

Light and agile, Tricity 155 has the power to bring you further, push back the city’s limits letting you experience to the fullest the very best of urban life. Update the way you move

The Tricity development team has focused on creating a future-proof concept that offers an attractive and realistic alternative for today's urban commuters. The key targets for the Tricity are set as follows:

Simple, easy and enjoyable to ride
Light and agile handling
Increased stability feeling
Comfortable in different road conditions
Functional and practical urban commuter
Unique design with innovative and advanced technology