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Commander Grey Matt Helmet
Commander Skill Matt Helmet
Airoh Commander Blue Matt
Airoh Commander Duo  Yellow Matt
Airoh Commander Progress Red Blue Matt
CMD35 Commander Duo Gloss
Airoh Commander CM11 Matt Black
Airoh Commander Orange Matt CM32
Airoh Commander Progress Orange


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Airoh - Commander -is the leading-edge ON /OFF road helmet in Airoh® composite fibre, characterised by the classic Airoh shape.

Commander is particularly suited for an all-terrain, all-round riding experience. It can be used in three different configurations- with peak and visor for all-road use, with visor and no peak for on-road use and finally with googles by removing the face shield. Covers and plugs supplied protect the screw holes and tidy up the lines in whatever configuration you choose.

An extra-wide visor with an included Pinlock® lens, a three-point ventilation system, an aerodynamic peak, retractable sun visor, D ring closure, and the opportunity to connect Bluetooth systems make the commander all you will ever need.  


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