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Grip-Lock, Motorcycle Security Lock

Grip-Lock, Motorcycle Security Lock

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Grip-Lock is the hightly visible smarter alternative to a disc lock, compact and easy to use.



    • Composite construction with molded in steel reinforcement
    • Rubber inserts ensure that neither your throttle grip or brake lever will be marked or scratched
    • Ships with different size inserts (to fit all grip diameters)
    • Unlike a disc lock it is not possible to overlook that you have fitted it before attempting to move your bike (How many owners have dropped their bikes because they forgot they had fitted their disc lock?)
    • TOUGH! Unlike a steering lock a thief won’t disable this with a good kick to the bars!
    • Compact – A chain that is strong enough to acutally secure your bike, is just too heavy and impractical to carry on most bikes.
    • Easy to use – no more grovelling on the ground while you fit and remove your disc lock.
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