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2023 Yamaha Viking

2023 Yamaha Viking

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Viking focuses on safety and comfort in order to give confidence when maneuvering this new Yamaha ROHV through any kind of terrain. The new machine is based around a high-torque single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine housed in a rugged chassis, and every aspect of engineering - from power supply through to handling character.

The end result is a well-balanced ROHV that combines Yamaha’s well-known rough terrain ability together with usable and sensible power, as well as functionality and comfort.

The new Viking is powered by an uprated 686cc 4-stroke SOHC single-cylinder 4-valve fuel-injected engine.

3-seat layout with a flat walk-through floor

One of the most significant and attractive features on the new Viking is its innovative 3-seat layout which features individual contoured seats for each of the occupants. To ensure great levels of comfort - even when traversing rough off-road terrain - the three individual seats are designed to give support to each passenger’s lower waist.

Pallet-sized rear cargo bed

To underline its serious commercial, industrial and farming applications, the new Viking is equipped with a full-sized cargo bed which can accommodate a pallet. The tough steel-lined bed measures 1380mm wide x 925mm long x 315mm deep, and has a useful carrying capacity of 272kg – and to secure the load, the cargo bed is equipped with four tie-down hooks.

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