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2023 Yamaha XSR700

2023 Yamaha XSR700

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Modern classic styling and crossplane concept twin for fun performance, all built to be uniquely customized.

The cutting edge 655cc inline twin engine features our crossplane philosophy that delivers linear torque for outstanding acceleration. The retro styled XSR700 also benefits from a tight and lightweight chassis for agility and sharp handling.

This 655cc model is unique with power delivery specially maximised for our LAMs market. The 270-degree crank gives a strong feeling of acceleration and great traction, and the deep linear torque ensures outstanding performance. Wave disc brakes with ABS as standard and a lightweight digital LCD dash are fully modern but styling is pure retro.

The XSR700 blends Yamaha’s world-class engineering with timeless style, creating a new type of machine for riders looking for an authentic and honest motorcycle that doesn’t sacrifice performance. Drawing influence from Yamaha’s classic “XS” series of motorcycles, the XSR oozes class with its exposed aluminum details, retro-influenced bodywork, stepped seat and custom lighting and instrumentation.

The XSR700 provides exceptional and confident braking power thanks to its modern brake components which are backed up by the security of ABS. 

The narrow frame design features sport-oriented geometry to achieve light and nimble handling and is aided by the minimalist 410-pound wet weight and refined ergonomics.

XSR700 - tomorrow's technology, yesterday

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