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2024 Yamaha YZ250X

2024 Yamaha YZ250X

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Based on the legendary 249cc YZ liquid-cooled reed valve- inducted two-stroke engine, the 2024 YZ250X runs a revised compression ratio, exhaust port timing, Yamaha Power Valve System timing and a model specific CDI unit.

To increase rider confidence in challenging cross country conditions, new smoothly integrated body panels, more narrow fuel tank design, slimmer shroud width and flatter seat all combine to enable greater freedom of movement forward and back,
allowing the rider to easily shift body weight for better control.

An updated high performance braking system features larger front pistons, a more rigid caliper and a redesigned 270mm front rotor with a 30% increase in pad contact area, all combining to provide exceptional braking power and feel. The redesigned rear rotor maintains the same braking power while dropping outer diameter from 245mm to 240mm, reducing unsprung weight with no compromise on performance.

To improve clutch durability without compromising smooth operation, six inner pressure plates adopt a new friction material with excellent heat resistance
characteristics ideal for extended cross-country competition.

Further improving the YZ250X's already renowned suspension performance, new front fork internals and revised suspension settings further improve bump absorption, cornering performance and comfort to better withstand the grueling demands of off-road and enduro-style racing.

The YZ250X is focused on off-road competition and receives the same features as 125X such as 18-inch rear wheel, wide-ratio gearing - five speed in this case
- standard side stand, sealed O-ring chain, reserve fuel petcock, and newly adopted scraper between the fork's dust and oil seal, all adding up to exciting performance.

*Shown with optional accessories fitted

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