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Bike Lift Absolute 756 Lift - Gate Version

Bike Lift Absolute 756 Lift - Gate Version

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The Absolute 756 is the top of the range.  It is the most versatile lift with a maximum loading capcity of 750 kg and a maximum lifting height of 130 cm , allowing it to be used for any kind of motorcycle.  The gate version is equipped with a drop gate panel to enable the user to easily remove the rear wheel.  Electro-hydraulic pump.

Maximum load capacity: 750 kg
Maximum height: 130 cm
Minimum height: 19 cm
Safety locking positions: 8
Tabletop dimension: 220 x 75 cm
Side tool wings dimensions: 212 x 8.5 cm
Drop gate panel dimesnions: 60 x 36 cm

Overall dimensions: 230 x 92 cm
Run-up ramp size 82 x 51 cm
Weight: 260 kg

This lift is also available in a special version that can be recessed into the floor.  Contact us for more information.

If you can't find what you're looking for, check out the Bike Lift catalogue.  We can supply most items. 


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