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Bike Lift Wider 1000 Lift

Bike Lift Wider 1000 Lift

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The Wider 1000 is specifically designed to lift two or four wheel vehicles up to 1,000 kgs.  It is equipped with an innovate and patendted widening and locking system.  It comes with an electro-hydraulic pump. 

Maximum load capacity: 1000 kg
Maximum height: 130 cm
Minimum height: 20 cm
Safety locking positions: 12
Length: 230 cm

Tabletop dimension when closed: 84 x 230 cm
Tabletop dimension when spread: 150 x 230 cm
Ground rail size: 40 x 150 cm

Overall dimensions: 240 x 100 cm
Run-up ramp size 82 x 40.5 cm
Weight: 300 kg

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