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Daytona 2-Level Heated Grips - ATV

Daytona 2-Level Heated Grips - ATV

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Daytona ATV Heated Grips

Daytona Heated Motorcycle Grips are recognised as the benchmark of heated grips, providing essential warmth for riding during winter months. The Daytona Heated ATV grips have two layers of rubber for durability, a soft feel grip for comfort and a closed end. The controls have three different settings: Start, On and Off.

The 'Start' setting enables a swift warm up, following this the rider switches them to the 'On' position for use. The grips have a power bleed of 57w when in the 'Start' position and 14w in the 'On' position.

Simple to fit with specific instructions covering Honda, Kawasaki , Suzuki & Yamaha. The best way to stay warm on the bike is with hot grips under your hands.

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