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Givi security lock sets

Givi security lock sets

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Givi security lock sets include 2 keys per lock cylinder to re-key select Givi cases. The kits are easy to install using a small screwdriver.

Available in sets of 1, 2, 3, and 5 for those looking to key several cases the same.

Blank key also available.

- All Dolomiti Cases
All Trekker Outback Cases
- All Trekker Outback Evo Cases

All Trekker Cases
- All Trekker II Cases
- All Trekker Alaska case
V35 Side Cases
V40 Monokey Top Cases
- V46 Monokey Top Cases
V47 Monokey Top Cases
V56 Maxia 4 Monokey Top Cases
- V58 Monokey Top Case

B360 Monolock Top Cases
- All Weightless cases

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