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Givi Trekker Outback 58 lt Top Box Black

Givi Trekker Outback 58 lt Top Box Black

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Trekker Outback is the top of the range aluminium touring case from Givi, designed specifically for off-road use. The OBK top boxes can be attached to any existing Monokey plate. The flat lid and four strap loops provide loads of options for securing extra items or strapping bags to the top of the lid and the OBKN58 is incredibly roomy - large enough to hold two modular helmets. Available in natural aluminium or painted matt black. 

If you regularly travel off the beaten track and need a rugged, aluminium touring case, Trekker Outback is the best option for you.

Note: cannot be fitted onto plates with an installed electrical contact for a stop light kit

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