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Motorcycle Handlebar Harness
Motorcycle Handlebar Harness

Motorcycle Handlebar Harness

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Product Description

This motorcycle harness (tie downs not included) is an essential item for anyone who needs to transport a bike with or without fairings.
The simple principle is 2 cuffs, each with the end of a tie securely fastened into it. Both cuffs slip onto your bike’s handlebars. The left cuff’s tie passes over your bike and on down to the ground to be secured on the right, the right cuff’s tie passes over your bike and on down to the ground on the left. This means that the left tie down pulls on the right cuff etc. providing a secure balanced tie down.
Both ties pass through a soft fleece mid section over your tank which prevents scratching and keeps the system together.
Due to the nature of the harness it will fit almost any bike as the position of the cuffs are completely adjustable.
The ties can be secured with your own standard tie downs.
  • High Quality Motorcycle Bike Transport Harness (Tie Downs not included)
  • 38mm Webbing      
  • Soft fleece mid section to help prevent scratching your bike 
  • Comes assembled ready for use
  • Fast secure and easy to use
  • Prevents costly tie down damage during transportation
  • Takes tie down pressure off of your fairings by extending tie down mounting points past your grips
  • Fits most handlebar widths from 24 in. to 34 in.
  • Equipped with convenient strap securing bands to hold extended length in place, easily connect your own standard tie downs