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Oximiser 3X Advanced Battery Management Charger 12V/Lithium

Oximiser 3X Advanced Battery Management Charger 12V/Lithium

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Completely redesigned and tested in the UK using top quality long life components
A 2 year warranty is included as standard
A soft-start charging mode to improve recovery of deeply discharged batteries as low as 8 volts
Intelligent charging will cycle-charge in an attempt to recover sulphated batteries
Suitable for all 12V automotive batteries including LITHIUM LiFePO4 motorcycle batteries
New voltage sensors quickly detect high current drain and will automatically revert to the most appropriate charge rate
Fast and efficient charging in all modes keeps charge times short and reduces main power consumption
Soft touch rubberised case for improved grip and ruggedness
Up to 3.6Amps charging power for batteries up to 125Ah capacity
Induction cooling
Three charging mode power options

8 Stage Automatic Battery Management:

Polarity Check:
Checks battery connection

Battery Analysis:
Analyses condition

Soft Start Charge:
Charges Discharged Batteries

Bulk Fast Charge:
Recharges Quickly to 85%

Absorption Charge:
Produces a 100% full charge

Voltage Check:
Hourly Checks Assess Voltage Loss

Battery Condition:
LED Lights Indicate Battery Condition

Maintain Mode:
Charges if voltage drops below set limit
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