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Remote reservoir sweatband cuffs

Remote reservoir sweatband cuffs

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A very simple device with many uses! First and foremost, the Brembo sweat band cuff is intended to protect against accidental brake fluid spillage. Given its corrosive nature, even a single drop of brake fluid could damage the top fairing or a helmet visor, compromising the rider's vision or integrity of the bike's bodywork. By completely enclosing the brake fluid reservoir, the cuff prevents potential of drops of fluid escaping from the cap of the reservoir due to vibration or when the bike is on a steep angle.

The cuff's other main function is no less important. As the fluid level drops in the reservoir, the probability of it absorbing moisture from the outside environment increases. This in turn may compromise braking performance by lengthening the lever travel needed to operate the brakes.

Available in two sizes, to suit either brake or clutch master cylinders.

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