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Tommaselli Throttle - XM2 Racing (2.6-2.9deg/mm)

Tommaselli Throttle - XM2 Racing (2.6-2.9deg/mm)

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Twin cable (Desmo) road race throttle for fuel injection bikes. Interchangeable stroke ratio rings. Adjustable to suit track conditions.

  • White ring 2.6º/mm (36mm max opening)
  • Red ring 2.7º/mm (25mm max opening)
  • Green ring 2.9º/mm (33mm max opening)

5176.03 - black with A010 black/red grips
5182.03.00 - black without grips
3847.03 - gold without grips
5536.03 - black with A450 black/red grips

Optional kit of universal cable bends for XM2 throttle controls - TO 97.5555.04

Optional right hand switch blocks  TO 0474AB.5D and TO 0475AB.5D are designed to work with the XM2 race throttle on 300 Supersport machines. With bike specific models available you can replace the OE throttle/switch block combination with an XM2 race quality, precision throttle and appropriate switch block. Similar universal switch options are also available.

For Yamaha R3 2018 and earlier, use TO 4006.03.00 with the OE Yamaha throttle cables.
For Yamaha R3 2019 onwards, use TO 4006.03.00 with the 2018 model OE Yamaha throttle cables (Yahama code BR5F63010100) and the Domino switch block TO 0475AB.5D.

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