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2018 Yamaha Niken

2018 Yamaha Niken

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With the NIKEN, Yamaha opens up the possibility of a whole new era in motorcycling, a riding revolution - offering a sensation that is unique. Imagine the ability to carve through winding roads with unmatched confidence. 

This revolutionary new kind of motorcycle feels, handles and looks like nothing else. At the same time as being different to a motorcycle, the NIKEN's handling characteristics are also reassuringly familiar to riders. 

The advanced Yamaha-exclusive technology used in the double leaning front wheel layout offers high levels of traction - making it a strong performer in corners and giving the NIKEN rider the ability to carve through winding roads with unmatched confidence. And two front wheels means there are two front tyres and two sets of front brakes, so the levels of traction and braking are also like nothing else on the road! 

The NIKEN's unique leaning multi wheel (LMW) system offers very sporty and confident handling characteristics, together with enhanced feelings of stability and grip when cornering in a wide range of surface conditions. 

Approximately 50:50 front-rear weight distribution with rider 
847cc, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC CP3 engine 
D-MODE with 3 engine running modes 
Cruise Control 
Traction Control System with 2 modes, and off mode 
A&S clutch for increased stability when downshifting 
Quick Shift System for smoother upshifts 
Compact instrument panel with LCD display 
Aluminium 18-litre fuel tank 
Fully adjustable rear suspension 
Dual 298mm front disc brakes and 282mm rear disc brake 
12V DC power outlet 

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